For the Joy of Human Love

When do you feel happy or fulfilled?

You may feel accomplished when you win a competition, when you are awarded for your hard work, or when you have discovered something wonderful.

But none of these moments are fulfilling if you have no one to share it with. And that’s where family and friends come in.

With these like-minded people you can share your accomplishments knowing that they will understand exactly the wonder and pleasure of it all. Only they can comprehend why something seemingly so insignificant is of such importance to you. Indeed, half the joy of anything is being able to share it with others and hear their reaction.

For your happiest moments are not when you achieve something yourself but rather when you find someone who thinks the same way you do, who has the same desires as you do, and who has the same heart as you do, all without a word on your part. Without speaking you understand and know that you have found a “kindred spirit.”

Your happiest moments are also when you find a professor, someone completely out of your immediate world of experience, who has the same passions and interests as you. Then you have hope that all that you have dreamed of can someday become reality for you.

The world is a bewildering mass of several billion people. But somehow you can find commonalities with people even from across the globe.

When you discover that someone else has the same exact mindset and joys as you and can share in the same delights: this is camaraderie; this is the joy of human love.


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