What does it mean to be successful? Perhaps to many people success means having a good career, family, house, and car. Success may be achieving the accolades of Amy Chua‘s daughters. Success may be winning the Pulitzer Prize or owning a major corporation. To others success is achieving their life dreams, whatever that may be. But are these accomplishments all that success embodies? Or are success and life incongruous?

Life may not be as successful as most would like. If we always look at success from the world’s perspective we will feel unaccomplished. Nearly every other person has better credentials, greater skills than we do. But when we realize that our lives are not meant for worldly success but for success in God’s purpose for us, then we will understand and one day hopefully look back on a life lived wholly for Him. Don’t live a life of regrets; live a life for the glory of the kingdom of God.

3 thoughts on “Success

  1. success is a path and not a destination. Success is born of pursuing something of worth day in and day out, regardless of circumstances.

  2. @superwoman I feel that your definition of success for “this generation” is very opinionated. I am of your generation and I don’t agree that my success is defined by the number of houses/cars I have. Everyone’s definition is different.

  3. Success in this generation is defined by the number of houses and cars one owns.

    True success is immeasurable. It is an attempt to change the world; an attempt to change oneself; an attempt to make someone else’s life better; an attempt to be happy; an attempt to live for Him. Success is a choice.

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