Taking Hold of Life

If hesitation is our greatest enemy, what should be our plan of action?
Last year on 跟著音樂去旅行, host 黃介文 shared ten life principles which are simple yet so full of truth:
  1. Don’t wait until you receive love to give it: love is a life habit.
  2. Don’t wait until you’re lonely to think of your friends.                                                               When you’re lonely your friends are your greatest encouragement and help. Before 介文 wondered why we should use Facebook. But she realized that since everyone is busy, Facebook lets you encourage someone without encroaching on each others’ time.
  3. (I forgot this one…)
  4. Don’t wait until you fail to realize the truth of other people’s advice.
  5. Don’t wait until you’re sick to realize the value of life.
  6. Don’t wait until divorce to realize the value of marriage.
  7. Don’t wait until people praise you to believe in yourself.                                                           Believing in yourself is integral to success. You only have one life to live; make the most of it.
  8. Don’t wait until other people point out your faults to realize or change them yourself.
  9. Don’t wait until you are asked before you help others.
  10. Don’t wait until you have to leave this earth to realize that you should love and enjoy love.
Modern life lacks money, time, relationships.Yet these components of life, especially the last two, are the most precious. The ten points seek to demonstrate that loving life will allow you to find life’s purpose and meaning.
So find a way to make your life interesting, rich, and fulfilling while you have it. Attend a concert, care for your family and friends, and, more importantly, come to know the God who blessed you with this beautiful life.

One thought on “Taking Hold of Life

  1. Your first line reminded me of a quote from a game that I play quite often. The character inside the game says, “hesitation is the seed of defeat”.

    #5 is a very good point, which many people realize when someone is dead or about to die. I find that many people take life for granted. I think it is a wondrous gift, while others take it as a curse and harbor thoughts of ending it early.

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