Fleeting Time

When are you old?

Age is something that grows on you. Like 黃介文‘s mother said, we need to grow old slowly. Yet time is moving too fast. My mind will never again be pleasantly oblivious to the world and its complications. I cannot lose myself in a book, in my thoughts, or in some imaginary world because I will miss my bus stop and fail to keep my obligations to others. Wherever I am the outside world demands my attention.

Yet instead of longing for a vanished childhood, I must embrace the future. Some months ago on her radio program 介文 separated life into five categories. She said that people in their

20s desire love
30s desire marriage
50s want success
60s seek peace
70s desire good health.

Time will move on. We must look ahead and seize every opportunity, for, as 介文 reminds us, hesitation is our greatest enemy.

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