Asking Questions

Greater learning never seems to lead to answers. The better you are in your classes, the deeper you pursue a subject, the more questions you have. Although you will never find the answer to many of these questions, you would not have begun that journey of knowledge if you had not had an inquiring spirit.

As a stepping stone in higher education college forces you to think and ask questions. In class you raise many questions, some of which you never thought to ask before. The contradictions, the opinions, the general uncertainty leaves you bewildered and doubtful about what is left to trust. Elementary school facts are now up in the air. (Pluto’s not a planet!)

More confusing are the endless paradoxes. On the philosophical level there is Soren Kierkegaard’s paradox of the Knight of Faith and the Knight of Infinite Resignation. At another level there is the paradox of being forced to choose school over health. And as you write essays and responses to readings, your mind reels with information and analytical thoughts; since when did thinking become so difficult?

Yet underneath the flurry of ideas, figures, and paradoxes lies the unchanging word of God. That you can always trust in, that you can always hope in. Paradoxes and ideas still exist in the Bible, but with God you can rest assured that you don’t need to understand everything and have it figured out. You can just rest in Him.

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