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An Obituary on New York Times Columns

In the last few weeks the New York Times has been closing columns that I never noticed until I saw their final posts on the most popular list.

Both “The Stone” and “The Minimalist” seem to have ended their days amidst more fanfare than when they began. Or maybe that’s because I was either too young or too unsophisticated to notice.

“The Stone,” which ended the beginning of this month, was a column on philosophy. But rather than just a dry discussion of esoteric philosophers, “The Stone” also explored aspects of life such as forgiveness and morality from an intriguing  perspective.

As we have less and less time to ponder such subjects, “The Minimalist” helped its readers cook delicacies from France and other countries, with minimal ingredients and minimal time. After traveling the globe and cooking in other people’s kitchens for thirteen years, columnist Mark Bittman is shifting gears to writing about good eating and traditional farming as a political issue in the opinion pages.

I’m sorry to have discovered these two fascinating columns just as they end, but I can still read them all online.


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