Flying Into Your Dreams

The spring semester began this week and although I’m in school I now feel “old.” Gone are the schooldays and schoolyears when we were still young and nearly everything we did was remarkable. We still had an unforseen future ahead of us as we could reasonably dream anything we wanted to.  (Perhaps we still can but the practical options are fewer.)

When we were young we could lightheartedly dream of giving everything up and going away and doing something new. We could dream of doing something great and take the first steps toward that goal. We could be anything we wanted. Our world was secure and regular; we were responsible only to God and our parents, not the government or other institutions.

Yet we don’t realize how old we are until we look at those still in elementary, middle, and high school. They still have time to specialize, to refine their skills, before entering the real world. They can escape into their dreams without disturbing their daily life. But for the rest of us, that window of opportunity is closing as we narrow our path of life.

Will we choose the right way?


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