One Hundred Posts

Why do people blog? Why do I blog?

If the stats are right, this is my hundredth published post since I started this blog last April.

I began blogging to figure out who I was and what I stood for. (See About)

I had made a blog on to document my trip to Taiwan in 2009, but keeping up the momentum for each day was tiring. Even on a trip, it is hard to find something new to write about each day. With the added difficulty of slow image uploads, my posts thinned out as I prepared to return to America. And after a final reflective post on my trip, I decided to drop blogging, at least for now. Maintaining a blog in the midst of college applications and schoolwork was not a priority.

Then, through an internship, I discovered WordPress. With support for foreign languages, easy image manipulation, and a clean interface, WordPress was ideal. And when I discovered that I did have something to say, I decided to start this blog.

What one publishes is the part of the person that one wants to show the world. With this blog I would figure out my life and my ideals while being published online.

I think it has worked. I’m still sifting through the sands, but I understand myself better than I did before. The vague interests I couldn’t quite pin down have solidified as I blog about them.

Here are some of my favorite posts:

The First Posts: Stepping Out & Easter Thoughts

City Posts:

(Evelyn) Waugh’s Take on Society – then

Reflections on College: Semester One

Not Just an ‘Open’ Debate

Chinese: 我的朋友 My Friend

In Search of Hawaiian Coffee

And who could forget Tiger Parents?

Which are your favorites?


Thank you for reading my blog. Let me know what you think, or better yet, start thinking yourself!


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