Finding Home

In my last post I said that Chinese don’t know how to live. This article, 回家的路太遠 (The Road Home is Too Far) by 柯文哲, expresses the frustration many children have with their over-protective, controlling parents.

Although 柯文哲 appears quite successful — at 35 he was appointed the youngest director of National Taiwan University’s intensive surgical care unit — he is still unsatisfied, having never been able to do what he himself desires. His wealthy father paid his way to the best university in Taiwan and has even prepared retirement money for him. His mother chose his wife for him; his wife decided how many children they would have. He works 14 hours a day, but for what purpose? When he returns home, it is only to shower and sleep; his young son hardly knows him. Like many of us he longs to be on his own, to achieve something of his own right, to be himself. He would be a monk — his father says he will build a temple for him.

Give your children some room to grow up, and everyone will be happier in the end.

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