A Modern Gomorrah

Sometimes the most dangerous things are hidden.

The Neapolitan Mafia group Comorra has harassed Naples for decades, but none of the locals dares to mention it — except Roberto Saviano. Spilling names, addresses, and other operational details, Saviano’s work Gomorrah exposes the extensive corruption and underhand dealings of Comorra. A native of Naples, Saviano has experienced the power of Comorra himself and often went undercover to discover the crime group’s web of illicit trading.

Since its publication in 2006 Gomorrah has been translated into more than 50 languages and sold more than 4 million copies. But the enormous success of his book and the subsequent movie and television series has driven Saviano into hiding. Threats from Comorra keep him on the move and forcing him to change his contact number every few days. He must always be accompanied by three bodyguards and cannot see even his own mother for fear of death.

For all his travail, Saviano does not regret writing his book. But at the same time he does not love it. Gomorrah has destined his life to one of perpetual running and hiding, which he, at the age of 31, has already been doing for five years.

His only hope is that somehow his story will provoke others to serious action.


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