Love on Wall Street

The world is looking for love but it doesn’t always find it. When you see the richest, the people with far more money than you could ever dream of, you realize how empty, how ugly that existence is. Wall Street – Money Never Sleeps gives ample proof. As this and other movies demonstrate, it all comes down to the family.

The estranged daughter of a Wall Street tycoon released from prison after years of imprisonment. Her fiancé, a budding young tycoon himself. She wants nothing to do with the money; he has his eyes on it. Yet at the same time he understands that there is more to life than money. He wants the future – in science. His mother gave up her job as a nurse to make it rich in real estate. But set against the housing crash of 2008, she is forced to rely on her son.

In a movie that is supposed to be about money we find that love and family harmony still trump all the wealth displayed. As you gaze at luxurious apartments on the upper east side, designer clothing, and fancy restaurants and bars, something is missing. Everything pales when you see the struggles, the pain, and the greed. You see through it all. The world is a crazy place filled with crazy people.

Somehow you’d rather be poor, or at least honest. Someone tell me that there’s more to life than sleek offices and fancy food; it’s all a facade.

Yet we would not have NYC without Wall Street. We would not have the capital, the backing, or the funds for projects.

It’s a tricky balance; it’s a paradox. And in the end even those Wall Street tycoons sense the joy and beauty of the family. Why don’t more people see it?


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