College the World Around

Somehow, no matter what part of the world you are in, universities and the students who attend them all bear certain similarities. For one, they obviously all face finals and idiosyncratic professors. As an article from Commonwealth Magazine’s college student periodical (天下校園)  shows, the college student in Taiwan is not much different from the college student in America or the college student studying abroad at any other place in the world. In this technological age students share the difficulty of concentrating in the midst of multimedia devices and social networking websites.

Yet the similarities do not lie in internet distractions alone. Although students may be separated by language and geography, something about the world of academia is binding and conforming.

Perhaps it’s the same standards of curriculum. Everyone needs to know how to write, make basic mathematical computations, and understand a bit of how the world works.

Above all else colleges seek to train the mind how to think — critically. If we lack the ability to process information, all knowledge is useless. On the other hand a sharp mind can utilize information and make connections that will effectively change the world.

Are you a critical thinker?

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