Dreaming of Sleep

So now perhaps you know, like the Scarlet Pimpernel, what it means to be tortured, to be without sleep.

When you force yourself out of bed at 6:30 am you realize that you’ve only slept for 3 hours. You stumble out of bed, wavering, stepping shakily onto the ground. You shake yourself – awake. And you change, eat breakfast, pack your bags, and step outside, where the cool air stirs you awake.

You hope you can sleep on the train.

But there are people everywhere, and you hope to use the time to read for your class. You stand.

You get to school, hoping that you can get some rest on the couches, but it’s almost time for class and you have a project due.

In class, there’s obviously no sleeping allowed, but you wish you could pay better attention to the lecture.

Lunch. Surprisingly, you’re very awake as you talk to your friends, but the food doesn’t give you much more energy.

An afternoon of work. Whether you’re doing schoolwork or on the job, you can’t afford to sleep. No, time’s too precious.

You drag yourself to your evening class. Hopefully there will be room on the train to sit.

No, not today. Worse, the train is particularly slow today and you stand, your eyes staring blankly at the page, in a hot, stuffy car.

A bus packed with people leaves the bus stop just as you arrive. Why is the line still so long, twice as long as it usually is?

There’s no room to sit on the bus – until the end.

You’ve got the Limited; sorry, you’ll have to walk an extra five minutes.

Good exercise, you think.

Home. No time to talk. Work. Work. Work.

Dreaming of sleep…


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