Life in the City

Although the traditional college life seems to be spent in a campus tucked away in the countryside, I realize more and more that the best college experience is being immersed in a metropolis like New York City. How else could you hear the New York Philharmonic and Joshua Bell by taking the subway a few stops uptown? How else could you walk away from the dining hall and eat Japanese, Vietnamese, Asian Fusion, or whatever other food you wanted?

Here in the city you can walk immediately out of the classroom into the real world, where businessmen walk the streets, the homeless beg for money, and parents bring their kids to school. Here in the city you can also experience the richness of human culture, from the Mennonites singing in the Union Square subway station to the jazz band on the street corner. In the city you realize how many and diverse people are, and your heart breaks with the compassion of Christ for the lost.


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