Do you cringe at exorbitant textbook prices?

My professor has a solution: get rid of starbucks, don’t buy that Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirt. Spend on what’s truly necessary.

He has hit on the heart of frugality. It’s not living in poverty, but it’s eliminating the extras that will save you the most money. The only question is, will you dare to do it? Can you bear to live without those icons of society?


One thought on “Frugality

  1. I would say to check if you can get the books in your school’s library prior to purchasing a textbook, unless you will be keeping the book in the future.

    Frugality is definitely going to help a lot of penniless college students, however I can’t see people easily giving up luxuries and items they have grown up with for the majority of their life.

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