What I'm Reading

Beaten, Bruised, We Rise Again

When we’re young we have such high aspirations. We could be anything, anyone, someone famous, someone great.

And then we enter college. We marry, and it presents trials of its own. The war comes. Everything we once held dear and gave us security is gone.

There is nothing left but quiet acceptance of defeat. So we live submissively in the only way in which we can find peace.

Each of the four sisters of Hofei was affected by the ravages of war and by the Communist takeover. As members of the learned gentry, they and their husbands faced much opposition. Brilliant minds, precious manuscripts, and treasured documents were destroyed after years of labor and dedication. Your heart aches to hear such things.

But the sisters survived and have overcome their difficulties to enjoy their life now, in the glorious present and future.


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