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Waugh’s Take on British Society – then

It was an average day, an average couple, an average wedding, an average honeymoon – until Tom, who knew Angela very well, got off at the train station and went hunting with an unknown old friend. – Love in the Slump

Young George, heir to a great dukedom, was slightly mad, or so they said. He was sent with Ernest to study abroad, but after only four days – they were still in England – his noble family called him back. It was too risky having a “mad” son spill all their secrets abroad. And hadn’t he already spent a little too much on clothes? – A House of Gentlefolks

Usually thrift paves the way to success, but for “Boris,” owner of The Kremlin, splurging 99% of his money on a luncheon. “The waiters eyed his clothes with suspicion… Then he began ordering his luncheon, and the waiter’s manner quickly changed as he realized that this eccentrically dressed customer did not need any advice about choosing his food and wine.”    – The Manager of “The Kremlin”

With dry wit and humor, Evelyn Waugh paints his contemporaries in snippets of conversation and life. The stories are intriguing for their nostalgic depiction of a flippant society sprinkled with the delights of lordly titles. It’s a picture of a passive, classy life of tailored suits and elegant gowns, but quite void of purpose. So what does Lady Emily, who ate five peppermints in one sitting, want in life?

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