In Search of Hawaiian Coffee

My aunt asked us to bring  back some Hawaiian coffee for her friend. As we don’t drink coffee, we thought that it would be easy to find Hawaiian coffee.

But it was very difficult to find any place that sold Hawaiian coffee. Every grocery store, CVS, Duane Reade, Starbucks, coffee-related store I could think of didn’t carry it. Worse, many had never heard of Hawaiian coffee.

“Hawaiian coffee? I never hear of Hawaiian coffee!” [sic]

Did it really exist?

A Google search affirmed that Hawaiian coffee does, in fact, exist. One store clerk (I think it was at Starbucks) knew what it was. But he said:

“Either order it online or go to Hawaii.”

With only a few days remaining neither was feasible. So I had to continue searching. In a city so large as New York, it seemed impossible that no store sold Hawaiian Coffee. But even the stores with the broadest selection of coffee grounds did not carry Hawaiian coffee.

Finally, after much searching and many more phone calls, Trader Joe’s said they carried it. And with a fifteen-minute drive our dilemma was solved.


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