Appreciating Art

I’ve been wanting to visit the Met ever since the New York Times ran an article about “Big Bambu,” a rooftop bamboo exhibit at the Met. Besides, I hadn’t been there for at least six years (how time flies!).

So I decided to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art today.

Unfortunately, by the time we reached the bamboo exhibit all the tickets were gone. But that was fine with me because once I was on the roof, “Big Bambu” didn’t look as innovative as it has sounded.

It is, however still an impressive structure (which is still undergoing construction). More of interest was the Manhattan skyline, which spread out before us in all directions.

Actually, I found the permanent exhibits more interesting than any of the Met’s new exhibitions, “Big Bambu” included. After wandering aimlessly around the depressing Modern Art galleries, we stopped in the 19th-Century European Paintings gallery.

Here is skilled artwork worth looking at:

File:Dahl - Copenhagen Harbour by Moonlight.jpg

(Johan Christian Dahl, touted as the father of Norwegian Romantic Painting,

captures the shimmering reflection of the moonlight in

Copenhagen Harbour by Moonlight.)

There are also, of course, the Met’s classic galleries: Chinese Art, Arms and Armor, Egyptian Art, the Temple of Dendur, and the American Wing. None of the former seemed much changed since my last visit, but I don’t recall having visited the period rooms in the American Wing.

In these exhibits entire historic apartment rooms, mostly from New York City, have been reconstructed. The majority of the period rooms were parlors and they ranged from 1680 to 1914. Just imagine people living here before America even existed as a nation!


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