Happy Father’s Day

On one of the few days of the year on which we remember what our parents have done for us, Father’s Day gives us the chance to show our appreciation. But for some, like Nicholas D. Kristof, it may be too late to tell your father what you’ve always wanted to say. In his column entitled “My Father’s Gift to Me,” Kristof writes:

So my message for Father’s Day is simple: Celebrate the bequest of fatherhood with something simpler, deeper and truer than an artificial verse on a store-bought card. Speak and hug from your heart and soul — while there is still time.

How true it is. Take the time this Father’s Day to tell your father how much you really appreciate him. Yet we know that like the love of God the Father, the love and care that many of our parents have shown to us can never be fully repaid. It is all by grace.


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