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The World in a City

Books can take you into new environments; a visit to New York can take you into new worlds. Joseph Berger’s book The World in a City does both by taking you through over twenty New York City neighborhoods.

Berger, a New York Times columnist, treats his readers to first-hand accounts of each region, utilizing the quotes and experiences of locals. Each chapter examines the particular cultures of the neighborhood as well as how the ethnic makeup has shifted as the desires of subsequent generations have changed.

While covering familiar areas such as Douglaston, Flushing, Chinatown, and the Garment District, Berger also discusses the lesser-known areas of Brighton Beach, Norwood, and Ditmas Park. At the end of each chapter Berger provides a helpful selection of points of interest and restaurants. I, for one, would like to check out the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory mentioned in the book – the store sells green tea, black sesame, and avocado ice cream!


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