An Invisible Force

Shaky internet connection at home has made me realize how much we actually depend on it. Many things we want to do get postponed because “there’s no internet.” We want to research every detail online before we go somewhere; we need the internet for doing homework. More importantly, we need the internet for communicating with others, particularly when your internet service is also your telephone service.

Lack of internet service has even greater implications for businesses. If many of your documents are on GoogleDocs, if you IM your co-workers instead of paging them, if you need to maintain a blog, the loss of internet severely hampers your efficiency. And this only covers a part of how much businesses depend on the internet.

For home users, perhaps the temporary absence of internet access is a good thing. I, for one, don’t waste time intermittently checking e-mail. There seems also to be more time for quiet reading and relaxation – living a quality life.

Sometimes you wish we didn’t depend on the internet so much.

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