The Purpose of Good Education

In a post on the New York Times’ Opinionator Blog last month, Timothy Egan calls for a Supreme Court justice who is not a Yale or Harvard graduate. He demonstrates how the recent presidents have gone to those respective schools and have accordingly chosen justices from their alma mater.

So what is the worth of an Ivy League education? There’s the prestige, the high cost, and the supposedly quality instruction. The world looks at Ivy League graduates with respect. We, the ordinary, common folk, look at Harvard students with at least some awe at their cognitive abilities. We admire someone who can spit out volumes of poetry and scientific theories and meld them into one practical thesis. But what should we be looking to attain in our life?

As Christians our focus should be on God and what He wants us to do with our lives. If He wills that you attend an Ivy League, do so with the purpose of giving Him all the glory for He has given you these ten talents to be multiplied for Him.

Your life is not your own.


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