What I'm Reading

A Passage to India

a-passage-to-india.jpg (314×478)An attractive cover always draws my attention. Besides, A Passage to India was written by E.M. Forster, an excellent writer. The book wrestles with the cultural differences between the East and the West, particularly during the British rule of India. As an American Born Chinese, I can identify with both sides of the struggle. Each party, with its own merits and disadvantages, finds it difficult to relate easily with the other. Lest we remain in a perpetual state of cultural hegemony, we must seek God’s kingdom above all cultures.

“Mr. Fielding, no one can ever realize how much kindness we Indians need, we do not even realize it ourselves. But we know when it has been given. We do not forget, though we may seem to. Kindness, more kindness, and even after that more kindness. I assure you it is the only hope.

“We can’t build up India except on what we feel. What is the use of all these reforms?”

– Aziz


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