Please Look After This Bear

Although the school year still has a month and a half to go, in the spirit of summer vacation we decided to go to the beach. The last time I touched the ocean was last August, and that was on the other side of the world in Taiwan. I hadn’t seen the Atlantic for at least three years, which is a long time for someone who’s grown up going to the beach every summer. And the sandy, white beaches of Jones Beach are incomparable.

As we approached the beach, the familiar scenes of fishing boats, beach fields, and bathhouses rolled by. They’re renovating the water tower, but it seems to be nearing completion. Finally we pulled up at field 6, where we took advantage of the unmanned toll booths to get free parking – and a free beach.

We dashed down to the ocean. The icy water seemed to freeze our toes instantly, but we disregarded the cold. It was the ocean, the waters that connect the world around.

The wet sand was perfect for modeling; there was a large sand castle and a small family of turtles nearby. We decided to make a model of Paddington Brown, the bear from Darkest Peru. If you’ve read Michael Bond’s series of children’s books on this remarkable bear, you’ll understand why we ask that you look after him.


One thought on “Please Look After This Bear

  1. Congratulations on your acceptance to NYU. After reading through your blog, I must say that you have an eloquent way of writing. I hope to read more posts from here.
    I must say that you were pretty brave to go straight into the water without caring about the temperature. Best wishes to you and your family.

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