Songs of Life

If actions speak louder than words, music can speak louder than both. A thrilling melody is enhanced by the lyrics that speak to our hearts. In her radio program 跟著音樂去旅行 (Traveling Along with the Music) host  黃介文 shares uplifting music and insightful thoughts on life. Last Wednesday she discussed the lyrics of Richard Marx’s song “Ready to Fly.” As I head into a new chapter of life, this song captures my lifelong hopes and aspirations.

And I’m ready to soar

Right through the sky


I’ve always had wings

But I wasn’t ready to fly

Secular songs, however, can only offer so much hope. Clay Music’s song 有一天 (One Day) reminds us that, despite the difficulties we encounter, our God is loving us and supporting us.

有一天 你若覺得失去勇氣 If one day you feel you are discouraged

有一天 你若真的想放棄 If one day you feel like giving up

有一天 你若感覺沒人愛你 If one day you feel that no one loves you

有一天 好像走到谷底 If one day you feel you’re in a pit

那一天 你要振作你的心情 On that day you must revive your frame of mind

那一天 你要珍惜你自己 On that day you need to value yourself

那一天 不要忘記有人愛你 On that day you need to remember that someone loves you

那一天 不要輕易說放棄 On that day you must not give up hope

這個世界真有一位上帝 This world has a God

祂愛你 祂願意幫助你 He loves you and wants to help you

茫茫人海 雖然寂寞 Although you are one in a lonely sea of people

祂愛能溫暖一切冷漠 God’s love turns the coldness into warmth

這個世界真有一位上帝 This world has a God

祂的雙手 渴望緊緊擁抱你 His hands are holding you

漫漫長夜 陪你走過 He is with you throughout the night

祂愛你 伴你一生之久 He loves you and will be with you all your life

God speaks to us through music and our songs of praise to Him. As 黃介文 said on her program, “Music is like a hand that holds up and strengthens us to stand firm.”

With the world so gloriously opened by God’s love, don’t you feel that we were made for something greater?

“But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.

For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.”

2 Corinthians 4: 7, 17


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