Strawberries and Beans

With Jamie Oliver, organic gardening and cooking become an art.

Tonight my sisters and I watched two episodes  of Jamie at Home (Strawberries and Beans). The scrapbook and indeed the rest of the show are a feast for the eyes and the senses (except you can’t taste the food!).

When Jamie cooks, you can feel his absolute enthusiasm for the goodness in food. He pours his love into everything he makes, and adds an equal amount of olive oil. By carefully matching fresh herbs with condiments, cheeses, and vegetables, he brings life to the food he prepares. And that is what feeds us the most.

We don’t eat so much because our stomachs are hungry but because our eyes and our senses are craving for stimulation. That’s why a quality meal must both smell good and look appealing, and the tastes must unfold slowly like music, sending a thrill through your whole body. If you watch Jamie cooking in his cozy English estate, you’ll be fed without tasting a single bite.

Some of Jamie’s interesting notes on wildlife:

Pigeons as well as humans like peas, but you can deter the birds with branches, which double as posts for the pea vines.

Quail like to nest in strawberries, and their young are so very adorable. Oh, and you can grow strawberries in hanging pots!

Little toads live in Jamie’s gravel driveway, but since they like to eat harmful Mr. Slug, they’re transported to the garden.

Ladybugs emerging from the larvae stage have yellow shells.


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