Karigurashi No Arrietty

I learned today that Studio Ghibli is producing a new movie about Arrietty from The Borrowers by Mary Norton. It’s interesting that they should pick this book, but then I see how Arrietty’s fascination with the world around her fits perfectly with Hayao Miyazaki’s philosophy that “the world is a profound, multifarious and beautiful place. He wants to “tell [children] that they are fortunate to have been born into this world” (from “Miyazaki Hayao and Studio Ghibli” by Mark Schilling in Japan Quarterly). I look forward to seeing how Arrietty’s curiosity about the human world plays out in Karigurashi No Arrietty.

Each of Studio Ghibli’s productions is a work of art. Disney cartoons or Pixar animated movies do not possess the thoughtful artistry of Studio Ghibli’s films. Besides, Joe Hisaishi’s music is a cut above them all.


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