Easter Thoughts

In the weeks leading up to Easter, the stores are filled with advertisements for spring Easter dresses. So we contemplate wearing this or that dress, until, when the day comes around, it’s dark, gloomy, cloudy, and downright cold. But this year the weather was beautiful, making it the nicest Easter Sunday we’ve had in many years.

We went to the park with some church friends in the afternoon, and although I wanted to study, I did find the time I spent with the others worthwhile. I remember when I was eight, talking to my middle-school friends about life experiences. And here I was in their shoes, a high school senior talking to elementary school kids. Somehow I felt they appreciated it.

We need this crossing of years. It’s not even as distant as cross-generational conversation. Too often society is segregated into grades and classes – let’s stay in our own little world where we all understand each other. Do we really? In reality we need “someone older and wiser, telling [us] what to do” (Sound of Music).

That evening at an evangelistic meeting, few of the adults present seemed much interested in reaching out to the spiritual needs of the next generation. Are we anything more than potential Ivy League graduates to them? So I’m all the more thankful for the godly women who have taken the time to listen to me and teach me God’s ways.

But as I looked critically at the seated crowd, suddenly I realized that God loves each one of them more than anyone else could. More than that, He sent His Son to die on the cross so that we could be with Him in Heaven. What greater love, what greater grace, could anyone imagine?

The best news is that Christ has risen.

It’s good to be blogging again.

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